The topics tab is the third tab that is located in student reports. The information that is presented on the progress bars are according to the reporting period that is set. 

  • The name of the topics are shown on the left hand side

  • The Maths-Age quarters are shown across the top and bottom

  • The navy line shows the student’s current Maths-Age.

  • The blue bar shows the student’s topic age progress during the reporting period. The Maths-Age is an average of the student’s various topic ages. 

  • The greyed out section is the result of the assessment.

  • If the bars are red (as shown in the key), it means the child is in regression. This can occur after a reassessment and is common after school holidays with summer learning loss.

  • If you hover your mouse over one of the bars, it will show you the amount of exercises there are in that quarter as well as the student’s topic age at the start and end. The box also shows you the students progress, which is the difference between the topic age at the start and topic age at the end.