The menu is found in the weekly tutoring map, and is represented by the ‘burger’ (the three white lines) icon on the top right hand corner of the page. 

The menu provides options to access more of Maths-Whizz. 

  1. The sound button is to control the sound.

  2. The number of students online is shown.

  3. The ‘X’ button is to exit the menu, and go back to the weekly tutoring map.

  4. The topic challenge tab is where students can view their progress in maths topics, replay exercises and challenge other students.

  5. The leaderboards tab shows who has earned the most credits in different areas of Maths-Whizz. 

  6. The messages tab is where students can view the messages that have been sent to them by their teachers and/or parents. 

  7. The buddies tab shows the students’ buddies - they can also add new ones in this tab. 

  8. The ‘tell us what you think’ tab is for student’s to provide feedback on what they think about Maths-Whizz.

  9. The question mark guides students through the menu!