The comparisons tab is the second tab that is found in class reports, and it compares student data of the class that you have selected. The data that is presented is based on the reporting period that is set. 

  • The reporting period is found at the top of the page and it is currently set for the current academic year.

  • The total usage of the class is shown in the green box and the number of total class progressions is shown in the orange box.

  • The line shows student’s progress according to the tab that is selected. For instance in the image above, the students Maths-Age distribution is shown. 

  • The Maths-Age tab shows the Maths-Age distribution across the class.

  • The Usage tab shows the average usage across the class. Please note that the usage time that is registered does not take into account games, but only time spent learning. 

  • The Progressions tab shows the average weekly progressions across the class.

  • You also have the ability to send a message to students according to the filter that is chosen, or to the whole class. You can send messages to students to encourage them if they aren’t meeting the guidelines that have been set for them, or to students who are exceeding. 

  • Messages are sent by selecting the filter that you would like and pressing the message icon. The filter’s change according to the tab that is selected (Maths-Age, Usage or Progressions). 

Below this, the data of the class’ reports has two views shown. There is a summary and a detailed view. 

  • The summary tab provides a summarised insight of the class’ data

  • The detailed tab provides a detailed insight of the class’ data 

  • The number of un-assessed students are shown on the line above the insight into the class’ data. For the usage tab, the line shows the number of inactive students in the class.