The dashboard is the first tab in class reports, and it provides an overview of the students’ progress. The information that is presented on the dashboard is according to the reporting period that is set.

  • The blue box shows the average Maths-Age of the class.

  • The green box shows the total and average amount of usage that the class has completed within the reporting period set.

  • The orange box shows the number of total and average progressions that the class has received within the reporting period set.

  • There are lists which contain the top performers in the class under three different categories. These are the highest Maths-Age, students with the highest average weekly usage in minutes and the students with the highest average weekly progressions from gold to bronze - the scores are shown on the side. If the reporting period is set to ‘last 7 days’, then weekly certificates can be created and provided for students who are the top three in the class. Messages can also be sent to them. 

  • Clicking on ‘Go to Comparisons’ takes you to the comparisons tab. 

  • The topic highlights section shows the strongest and weakest topics of the class. 

  • Clicking on ‘go to topics’ takes you to the topics tab.

  • Clicking on ‘focus class on a topic’ sets the topic for the students who are ready. You can also do this through the ‘topic focus’ tab.