The first page the student encounters upon entering the Play Zone is what is referred to as the ‘main page’. This page contains tabs that navigate into other aspects of the Play Zone once clicked by students. After a child has placed their item(s) into the main page, they can customise their items to fit around their room!




The inventory is where students store the items they have bought. The first five icons of the blue bar on the left hand side represent the inventory. 

  • The chair icon represents any furniture stored away

  • The robot icon represents any toys stored away

  • The paw icon represents any animals stored away

  • The bone icon represents any pet food stored away

  • The leaf represents any plants stored away


The theme is the background that is found throughout Maths-Whizz. Students can change their theme using the next two icons on the blue bar. When students login for the first time, the default theme they will encounter is the space theme. To access more themes, students will need to go to the shop and click on the icon with the squares. The theme will then appear in the students inventory, and they will have the ability to change it accordingly! 

  • The pyramids icon enables students to change the background of the main page in the Play Zone

  • The squares icon enables students to change their theme completely! 

  • The avatar builder is represented by the shirt icon.  

  • The shop is represented by the shopping cart icon.