The Topic Challenge Section of Maths-Whizz allows students to explore maths topics and lessons outside of their weekly tutoring content. The Topics tab shows any topics a student has had content for, and it indicates how far through that topic the student has progressed - either by completing lessons in tutor, or by testing out. Each circle is referred to as a topic badge. 

1. Each large circle is referred to as a topic badge. This is where students can view their progress within each topic of the maths curriculum. 

2. The topic badge has an image which represents the topic in the middle. Should a student click on the image of a topic, it will direct them to the exercises that are associated with that topic. 

3. The outer line of the topic badge is in alignment with the outer line of the dot. The outer line shows a student how far along they are in that topic. Once they have completed the necessary work that is available for that Maths-Age, they will move on (if the option to do so is available). 

1. The line with the dots represents all of the years in the Maths-Age curriculum that the particular topic goes up to.

2. In this image, the topic goes up to a Maths-Age of thirteen. The image indicates that the student has currently covered content for this topic up to a Maths-Age of seven, and is a quarter of the way through the work for Maths-Age eight. As previously mentioned, the line around the latest dot aligns with the outer line of the topic badge. 

3. In accordance with the Maths-Whizz curriculum, different topics start and finish at different Maths-Ages. Therefore not all topics will have dots for all the Maths-Ages/Years.