The Exercises tab is the second tab in topic challenge. The tab provides access to any lessons that the student has completed or tested out of up to 3/4 of a year below their Maths-Age. 

  • Found on the left hand side is a list of topics that are available to the student. Each topic contains a set of exercises.

  • The time to beat, which is calculated by the system as a goal for each lesson, is presented on each exercise.

  • Students can receive medals on some of the exercises that they have completed. Medals are awarded accordingly:

  • No medal: less than 80%
  • Bronze: 80% to 99%
  • Silver: 100% (but in a longer time than the time to beat)
  • Gold: 100% (with an equal or better time to beat) 

1. If a student selects an exercise that they have already completed, this appears: 

2. If a student clicks on replay, the exercise will replay.

3. If a student clicks on challenge, the following will appear:

Please note that this is where students create challenges, not the challenges tab. The list of students that appear is a list of the top students around the world. 

Should a child decide to create a challenge, this is what the student will see:

  • Username

  • Flag of country

  • The challenger/ee's time and score for that lesson

  • Challenge Results

Should they become Buddies through the ‘add buddy’ option, then they can also view:

  • Other times and scores for lessons they have both completed

  • How many weekly and total credits

  • Challenge Results

If a student completes the same exercise as one of their buddies did in challenge mode, and beats their time, then their buddy will receive an automatic notification to inform them of this, and present the option to challenge them on that exercise and vice versa.

Please note that all challenges are delivered through the Maths-Whizz system. There is no student communication aside from Maths challenges.