The student’s next exercise is shown on the weekly tutoring trail. 

The upcoming exercise is shown in the square, above the lesson preview button, which are found all along the trail. The more lessons a student completes, the more lesson preview buttons appear along the trail. To start the exercise, all a student needs to do is simply click on the play button! 

Once a student has successfully completed the lesson, the test (if there is one for that exercise) will appear on the tutoring trail. The lesson preview will appear with the same graphics as the lesson did in the box. A small, blue image that contains a pencil and paper on the bottom right hand corner represents the fact that it is a test. More importantly, it will be the test for the lesson that the student just completed.

To view the status of a lesson that has already been completed, click on one of the lesson preview buttons that is found on the trail, and the lessons information will appear.