Students can earn gems by completing lessons in tutor and gaining progressions. To gain a progression, a student must complete and pass an exercise and a test in tutor mode. Progressions cannot be earned through replay or topic challenge. The pass mark for an exercise is 70% and 60% for a test. The reason for this is to see if the student has fully understood the learning objective. If the child passes one without the other, then they will not receive a progression and the lesson will come up again. 

Once the student gains a progression, a piece of the gem will be added to their weekly gem counter. Once a student has received three gems, the weekly gem will fully appear in the hexagon, and any additional progressions that are received will be represented by the number that is in the middle of the gem. Student’s are not limited to three progressions per week - they can earn as many as possible! Please note that because of ‘burnout’, Maths-Whizz advise that students do not exceed over 90 minutes of usage per week. 

As an incentive for receiving three progressions, the Play Zone is unlocked for the rest of that week – please note that the week starts again on Monday, regardless of when the Play Zone was unlocked for the student. If you have a home account, then the Play Zone is constantly unlocked.