Maths-Whizz Minimum Requirements

  • Chrome 70+/MS Edge 90+/Safari 12+/Firefox 78+/Samsung Internet 11+

  • Minimum 7.9” screen (recommended for usability reasons)

  • WebGL-enabled graphics card and browser

  • 2GB RAM

  • 0.5Mbps Internet connection (per concurrent student)

Indications your device/browser is incompatible

  • A blank white screen upon login

How to check if your device/browser is compatible?

  1. To check the device has a WebGL-enabled graphics card, go to 


  1. To check the browser version and operating system, go to on the device.


What if your device/browser is incompatible?

  • The first step is for you to upgrade the operating system or browser

  • iOS versions are linked to Safari versions; e.g. iOS 11 runs Safari 11. If you are unable to upgrade above iOS 10 then they will be unable to upgrade Safari (the default browser on iOS devices). You can install an alternative supported browser (i.e. Chrome or Firefox).

If you need any assistance please email, our friendly staff will be happy to help.