Why are the lessons too difficult for my child?

There could be a couple of reasons that the lessons being delivered are too difficult for your child.

Help, other than that from the Tutor, was given to your child during the assessment or within the lessons. It is normal to want to help your child if we think they are struggling, but Maths-Whizz needs to know what the child doesn’t understand just as much as it needs to know what the child does understand – this is the only way the appropriate lessons can be delivered.
The child is distracted and or tired.


Ask your child to explain what the question is asking. Sometimes talking it through helps them understand what is being asked.
Take a break – sometimes a short break is all that is needed. Come back to Maths-Whizz after a short break and/or a snack.
If the lesson is too hard, let your child answer it incorrectly. Encourage them by letting them know it is OK to make a mistake. Maths-Whizz will adapt the curriculum to support their individual learning needs.

Why are the lessons too easy for my child?

The main reason that lessons are too easy is because your child answered too many questions incorrectly or just pressed ‘I don’t know’ during the initial assessment.


Have your child re-take the assessment. Make sure they know that the assessment is used to determine their place in the Tutor. When a child is challenged appropriately, learning is much more enjoyable.
Let your child know that they receive more credits for correctly answering questions on the assessments. This often motivates them to try harder.
Let your child continue working through the lessons delivered. Lesson difficulty is based on how they’re performing. If answers are correct, the difficulty level increases.