The Activity tab is the second tab that is found on the homepage of the Parent Dashboard. The tab provides you with the opportunity to see the lessons that your child has attempted over the month that you have selected.

Clicking on the drop down arrow provides you with the option to:

  1. View the learning objective of the lesson

  2. Practice the lesson yourself

  3. Practice the test yourself (if it’s a test)

  4. Intervene when your child is struggling and review the lesson/test with them without altering their marks.

  5. View all the attempts that your child has taken for that particular exercise/test.

There are different icons that are located throughout the activity tab. On the top right hand corner of every activity summary, there’ll be a tick or an exclamation mark. There is also a thumbs up - clicking on this allows you to send a message to your child. This is a great tool for motivating your child, while they have performed well or need encouragement for a task they may be finding difficult.

  1.  The tick shows that the student has passed the exercise/test

  2. The exclamation mark shows that the student did not pass the exercise/test. 

Clicking on, or hovering over the icons that are found at the bottom of the activity summary provides you with a definition of each icon.

You can customise the reports by changing the time period by either clicking on the month itself, or by clicking on the arrows that are found on either side of the bar that has the current month in.