The Overview tab is the first page that appears when you login to the Parent Dashboard. 

The page provides an overview of your child’s progress in different areas according to the reporting period that has been set. You can set the reporting period for either this week, or since last assessment. Clicking on ‘what does this chart mean’ provides you with an explanation on what each metric means. 





The green in the topic bars shows your child’s progress in individual topics according to the reporting period you have selected. 

The bottom of the overview page shows your child’s current and recent activity.  Clicking on ‘show all activity’ takes you to the activity tab. Read more about that here.

Clicking on the drop down arrow under ‘current activity’ provides you with the following options:

  1. The learning objective of the exercise

  2. Skip the exercise - please note that as a parent, you can only skip an exercise and not a test

  3. Practice the lesson for yourself

  4. View many times your child has attempted the exercise