To skip a lesson for a student, locate the student in their class and then click on the orange ‘skip’ button which is located under the actions column on the right hand side. 

Once you have clicked on the ‘skip’ button, one of these pages will appear, depending on where the student is in their learning journey:

  • This page appears when a student is on an exercise that you can skip. You’ll be required to provide a summary of why it is being skipped and clicking on ‘ok’ will move the student onto the test of that exercise, or the next exercise if there is no test. Some of the reasons as to why you would skip an exercise are provided. If the exercises are consistently too easy for a student and you find yourself always skipping their lessons, then we would recommend that you reset their assessment. 

  • Teachers are able to skip exercises and not tests. If you attempt to skip a test, this message will appear. If a student is doing a test that you would like to skip, please contact the Whizz Customer Support Team via phone, live chat or email and they will be able to assist you with this. 

  • If a student is doing an assessment, then you will not be able to skip their lesson. This message will appear if you attempt to do so.