The Banner is found under the ‘all classes’ title, and above the list of classes. It provides options that help you with the administration aspect around Maths-Whizz. Clicking on a class, and then selecting one of these options on the banner applies that action for the whole class. If you click on all classes, then the action will apply for the whole school.

    • Activate - activates the student. 

    • Deactivate - deactivates the student. If the student is not activated, they will not be able to access Maths-Whizz. 

    • Set Usage Cap -  allows you to limit the time your students are able to spend in Tutor Mode. The options are Unlimited, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes (students are automatically set at Unlimited unless specified). You can even send a message and/or a sticker once the student has reached their usage cap. Maths-Whizz recommend that students use tutor mode for 45-90 minutes a week, and receive a minimum of 3 progressions. Schools usually set a usage cap to avoid students ‘burning out’.

    • Reset Assessment - resets the assessment for the class. The assessment is set a minimum of once a year.

    • Delete - removes the class from the list of classes, and places all students in archive. Read more about archive here. 

    • Need more help? - provides you with more guidance around manage classes.