Progressions are achieved when a student passes an exercise and a test in tutor mode. If there is no test and only an exercise, then a student will receive a progression if they pass the exercise. The pass mark for an exercise is 70% and 60% for a test. Students must demonstrate an understanding of the concept to progress. 

A child cannot receive a progression in topic challenge through replay, exercises or challenges. Maths-Whizz encourages 45-60 minutes of usage per week, and within that time students should receive a minimum of three progressions. The amount of progressions that a child has received is represented in a variety of areas in Maths-Whizz:

1. In the student status page. This is represented in the weekly gems eight week history.

2. In the weekly tutoring map. This is represented by the gem that is found next to the student’s avatar on the top left hand corner of the page.