Maths-Age is a measure of how each student is progressing through the Maths-Whizz curriculum. Students receive an initial Maths-Age after they complete their assessment, and this steadily increases as the learning objectives are met in tutor mode. Please note that when a student is in the process of completing an assessment, they should receive no assistance. The tutor only recognises that a child does not understand something if the incorrect answers are inputted. 

If the student is not using Maths-Whizz regularly, their Maths-Age will not increase as expected. It is also important to note that Maths-Age does not correspond with a student’s actual age. It can sometimes be higher or lower depending on their ability. 

If a student is reassessed, their Maths-Age will be impacted. They will receive a new Maths-Age which could potentially be higher or lower than their previous one. We recommend resetting the assessment at the start of every academic year to identify any learning gaps. Students tend to experience summer learning loss after the summer holidays, and as a result there tends to be a slight drop in their new Maths-Age. 

After the assessment, students receive tailored lessons according to their Maths-Age. Maths-Whizz does adapt according to how students are answering their questions - if the tutor identifies that the student is answering all of the questions correctly, then the questions will steadily increase in difficulty. If the student is answering all of the questions incorrectly, then the questions will gradually adapt.